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Welcome to the Poppy + Monarch Blog: Where Conversation Ignites Compassion

Welcome to the Poppy + Monarch Blog: Where Conversation Ignites Compassion

Greetings, chronically chill thrivers, pin enthusiasts and supporters! Warmest welcomes to each and every one of you stepping into the world of Poppy + Monarch through this very first blog post. As the founder and the soul curator behind Poppy + Monarch, I’m here to share with you the essence of our mission: to craft products that don’t just speak but resonate, sparking vital conversations about chronic illness and creating a safe space for those touched by its challenges.

At Poppy + Monarch, we believe in the power of visibility, support, and community for the chronically ill. Our creations — from thoughtfully designed pins to empowering apparel — are more than just items; they are beacons of understanding, tools for advocacy, and symbols of unspoken bonds.

What to Expect From Our Blog

This blog is our extended hand to you, offering a place of warmth, insight, and connection. We invite you to explore the depths of our commitment through various themes:

  • Product Styling Tips: Learn how to elevate your everyday look with our versatile pieces. From the casual elegance of our embroidered sweaters to the quirky charm of our enamel pins, we’ll provide styling tips that ensure you stand out.

  • Behind-the-Scenes Glimpses: Ever wondered what goes into creating a Poppy + Monarch piece? We’ll take you behind the scenes, from initial sketches to the final product, highlighting the artistry and effort that defines our brand.

  • Insights as a Small Business Owner: Navigating the world of entrepreneurship comes with its challenges and rewards. I’ll share personal insights, experiences, and advice for fellow and aspiring small business owners.

  • Stories of Strength and Solidarity: Discover the personal journeys of resilience and hope that inspire our collections. Each piece we create carries a story, a message of courage and triumph.

  • Navigating Chronic Illness: Insights, advice, and shared experiences about living with chronic illness. This space is dedicated to offering support, spreading awareness, and fostering understanding.

Poppy + Monarch is more than a brand; it’s a movement towards creating a world where the chronically ill feel seen, heard, supported, and validated in every aspect of society.

A Special Shoutout

To our worriers-turned-warriors, the chronically chill, those who navigate the complexities of chronic illness every day, and the incredible network of friends, family, and allies who support them — you are why Poppy + Monarch exists. This blog is for you, for us, for every silent struggle and every shared victory.

Together, let’s make every word, every design, and every connection count towards a more understanding world. 

Stay creative, stay inspired, and most importantly, stay chill.

With lots of love,

Ashley Lundy

Founder & Chief Curator, Poppy + Monarch

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